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It doesnt even sound real so that makes it funny!!! I played ode to joy and that was soooo jokes!!!


I glitched it up and when I exited it still played like my iPod was taking a huge dump. So I had to restart my iPod. Play them really fast.

Too much fun!

You will really enjoy it if you had taken piano lessons when you were young


This is alright I guess the keys all sound almost the same but whatever, its free. Download

Great Application!!

Very Simple interface that any iPhone user can understand quickly. Agreat way to prank friends. Its all the more fun, if you have played piano earlier!!!


Yes get it it really reminds me of my dad on the dry farts. I reccomend it.


My dog was like omg what is that noise and I was like omg ur a dog u cant talk


Worst app ever. This is the most imature game on the planet.

Fart Piano Free

This app is really cool! My friends like this app a lot.


So much fun in the hood!


I had it for 30 seconds when it crashed my iTouch! It just made repeated farting noises until I finally forced it to turn off. Other than that it was a bit entertaining.


Crashed my Itouch in 30 seconds, in realistic farts. Two Stars.


I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Its sooooooooooooo hilarious!!!!!!!


This is a new viersion of the piano!!!!!!!!! Choose from three diffrent types of farts!! Wet, dry and sampler!!!!! Try to play Mozarts 5th with this piano!!!!! Fool any sophistacated dork with this hillarous ap!!!!!!!!!! BIG TIME LOL FOR ANY ONE!!! Yes its crude, but it is my favorite ap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My iPod would not stop the farts! No joke, it froze my iPod for 10 minutes.


Piece of crab

Good, but.......

It is a good app except that it doesnt have a full octave. It needs that high C.

Not great

I cant hear a thing. Its not the best app yet

Fart piano

LOL OMB I love this app so much I am on it for hours

I love it

I love it I think it is really funny I love you

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